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C# (CSHARP) QuickStarts

Definition: C# QuickStarts are documentation and/or modules that help you get started implementing functionality on a C# project.

C# QuickStart List

  • Accessibility: This QuickStart contains a module and a document describing common tasks related to diagnosing and fixing accessibility issues.
  • Automation: This QuickStart features an Xml-based scripting language that can be used to execute scripts automate standard tasks.
  • AutoTest: This QuickStart is built on the Automation QuickStart and is used to run Unit Tests on all the QuickStart libraries.
  • Crm: This QuickStart contains a module and documentation to help you when building or integrating with CRM applications.  
  • CsvHelper: This QuickStart contains documentation and samples to help you when working with CsvHelper.
  • DataSet: This QuickStart contains a module to help you when working with .NET DataSets.
  • Diagnostics: This QuickStart provides a generic EventLog interface that is passed to the various QuickStarts.  By using the interface, it means a library can be shared across solution types and allows the flexibility to write to various targets, eg Windows Event logs, file based logs, SQL Server or Console output.
  • FeedProcessor: This QuickStart contains a module to help you get started in building applications that gather data from various feeds of different types from different sources and clean and consolidate them.
  • Http: This QuickStart provides a starting point for applications that rely on HttpGet or HttpPost.
  • IO: This QuickStart contains a module that will help you with reading and writing content to files.
  • JSON: This QuickStart is a slim wrapper around the NewstonSoft JSON Library.  It is meant ot provide you with a sample of how to use NewtonSoft.
  • SMTP: This QuickStart provides basis SMTP functionality.
  • SQL: This QuickStart provides various ways you can interact with SQL Server.  It is up to you to choose the way that best meets your needs for your application.
  • Text: This QuickStart contains a module that will help you with basic text parsing and cleansing.
  • Xml: This QuickStart contains a module that will help you work with Xml via Xslt or RSS Feeds.
  • XmlDocs: This QuickStart module helps you translate documentation xml generated by Visual Studio into Html pages.
This is a sample and not a complete list.  If there is functionality you require for C#, email us at first before building it as we may have already started something that will help you get a headstart.

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