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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Regular Expressions - Help!!!

If you are like me you find dealing with regular expressions both powerful and frustrating.I found a couple links that may help you on your journey to build regular expressions.

Roy Osherove has a few tools here that will be useful. The first is the Regulator that allows you to build regular expression with intellisense included. The second tool is the regulazy that allows you to typein text select it and via right click create your regular expression:

The third is not really a tool but a library that helps you find regular expressions that others have created for you:

This posting is also available at: You can check out this blog for additional information related to

If you find any regular expression tools or other tools you find useful please email them to me at

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Intermittent Invalid Viewstate Error in ASP.NET Web Pages

If you are getting Intermittent Invalid Viewstate Error in ASP.NET Web pages possibly this article will help you

If not and you find one that does simply email Susan Fischer at and she or I can post them here.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Perpetual Beginner

For those just learning some of the newer technologies such as subsonic, linq, mvc, etc this is going to be fast becoming the place to go. It is definitely a blog to keep an eye on. The Perpetual Beginner, Jesse Naiman, will soon be a name you will remember.

Here is the link to his Perpetual Beginner blog at :

Free Source Control Repository That Integrates With Visual Studio

My friend Jesse Naiman sent me a recommendation for free source control for a project I am working on. I thought about writing a recommendation myself but he words it perfectly. Here is his recommendation:

This site is awesome

can setup a free SVN repository (up to 500MB), and you get an amazing amount
project management tools.

A couple helpful hints on SVN in case
you haven’t used it.

Install tortoisesvn which will allow you to
manage source control through windows explorer.
Install AnkhSVN
to get svn integrated into visual studio.